Q:How can I fish?
A:Stand near river/sea/pond there'll be fish icon popup above yourself
click on yourself, select fishing.

Q:Where can I fish?
A:Fishing is available in the areas within the red border.

Q:Why I can't fishing?
A:You need to equip both rod and bait and stand near river/sea/pond.

Q:Too fast and hard! I can't catch 'em!
A:Use good bait to slow it down and don't forgot to zoom your screen.

Q:Where to exchange item?
A:Go to Fishing Guild map and walk inside Fishing Guild.

Q:What to do if box full?
A:Curently TinierMe still don't have cooler box for sell
you need to release your fish to keep new one.

Q:Where to find "insert fish name here"?
A: Please look at Fish Database page.

Q:Do I need to have ??? level to catch "insert fish name here"?
A:No, all you need is ROD.

Q:I'm try to find "insert fish name here" at the place you said, but it never appear?
A:If it's the 4 star fish you need to use rod from the shop.

Q:Can I trade or sell fish?
A:You can't do it.

Q:What's aquarium? where's it?
A:Not available yet.

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